updated banshee drivers

xeno-banshee-5-13.zip - 2.2 Megs
*MY* version of the new Q3Compatible Voodoo Banshee drivers.
Includes the updated OpenGL ICD and Glide drivers found in the newest Voodoo 3 drivers.
Fixes some graphic errors in Quake 3 including the messed up portal and some clipping.
Just use these until 3dfx release newer Banshee drivers. (Why is it I can release newer drivers before them when they made the darn chipset?)

But wait! There's more!
Already downloaded the Q3Compatible Banshee drivers?
Then get this file and extract it into your \Windows directory, making sure you keep the path intact when you extract it.
xeno-q3update-5-13.zip - 657 K
It is just the updated OpenGL ICD and Glide files. Just unzip them over your old ones to get the same fixed graphics in Quake 3 as the full drivers offer.

banshee forum

I have added a message forum for 3dfx Banshee users. Please check my forum.

internet explorer 5

Well, the Gold release of Internet Explorer 5 was a big disappointment to me. It contained the same annoying bugs that beta 2 did. Things like the "Windows 98" text disappearing off the Start Menu if you had less than seven times on it, and the constant flickering on the Task Bar when I have more than two programs open and I move the mouse around on the Start Menu's programs.

site and life

For those of you that have or had a TNT2 card at one time and experienced lockups, check my TNT2 page. It lists a solution that has helped a lot of people with their TNT2 card. The information can be used with all AGP based video cards.

I had a TNT2 video card for two days, and learned a lot about the chipset.
For those of you using 3dfx's newest Voodoo Banshee Reference drivers (1.03.04, from 11/13/99), don't run them in 16bit or 32bit color, only in 24bit. Me and other people have experience graphical errors in those color modes.

I still recommend that most people use my 8-18 drivers, as there is no known issues with them. If you have Asheron's Call though, definitely use 3dfx's newest Ref drivers as they contain an important graphical fix for that game.
For those of you who aren't into computer stuff or video cards, I guess I could have a little more info on me.. :)

After going to the doctor, I found out my girlfriend is 4 weeks, 5 days pregnant (they got the exact date just by doing an ultra sound somehow). I was thinking it would be kinda cool to have a section on my page that shows my kid growing up.

a penny saved...

Today's Fun Fact:
According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, There are more than 3,000 coin swallowing incidents reported in the United States each year.
Ain't that strange? A lot of people are swallowing money!