big xoom move

Major Move!!!
I have moved ALL content to Xoom's servers. If you are getting 404 Errors from pages linked to mine, then all you can do to access everything is through the updated links on this page.
Also check out my EverQuest page. It mostly just has screen shots right now of my many adventures.

xoom move

I should be moving the site's data to Xoom. The internet address will still be, just the content will be on Xoom's servers. Xoom offers unlimited disk space.

newer hacked banshee drivers

The 5-23 driver release doesn't seem to work with Direct3D. :(

Hacked Diamond Monster Fusion drivers w/ InControl Tools 99! - 4.2 Megs
It has Diamond's InControl Tools 99 (Diamond hasn't even released Fusion drivers that have these!)
It has the 3dfx OpenGL ICD
I *think* it supports 3DNow 'cause of the newer Glide DLLs
It has Diamond's 213 2D drivers still (this is the only bad part)
It contains bits and pieces from FOUR driver sets released by 3dfx and Diamond, and contains minor Registry changes (to get it to all work together).
Support for Quake 3, and even fixes the graphical errors caused by 3dfx's Q3 Compatible Banshee drivers.
For Quake 3, if you can't get it to run, I think you need to copy the OpenGL file to your \Quake3 directory and rename it to OPENGL32.DLL...
Please provide me with Feedback on this!!
This is for the AGP or PCI version, and is for Windows 95 or 98.
Even though the video card is based on the 3dfx Voodoo Banshee chipset, I think these drivers will only work on a Monster Fusion.

hacked banshee drivers

I have released new "hacked" Banshee drivers again.
Issues fixed/resolved in them:
- The portal, the clipping, the swapping textures and the brightness slider all work or have been fixed in Q3Test
- 256 Color mode now works.
These drivers are made from 3dfx's Q3 compatible driver set. There is files mixed and matched from 3dfx's updated Q3 compatible Voodoo 3 driver set and 3dfx's Banshee reference drivers.
The download is around 2.3 Megs.
You can get the file here:
Please be sure to e-mail me with feedback, or to make me aware of any problems you have with these drivers.
Again, I feel like I am doing the job of 3dfx.

banshee and win2k

Have a Banshee and want to try out Windows 2000?
Get the Windows 2000 Banshee INF file HERE!
Just get the NT4 reference drivers, extract them to a temp folder, then copy the Win2k Banshee.inf file over top the old one. Install the drivers like normal and you should be up and running! (I have not tried this since I do not have Windows 2000 yet).
The INF file was not made by me, but has been altered by me (cosmetic changes to the INF file). You can get the original file, plus the INF file for a Voodoo 3 under Windows 2000 at

If you have a Diamond Monster Fusion, and have tried to get 3dfx's NT4 reference drivers to work, try my NT4 INF file for the Fusion.