banshee and win2k

Have a Banshee and want to try out Windows 2000?
Get the Windows 2000 Banshee INF file HERE!
Just get the NT4 reference drivers, extract them to a temp folder, then copy the Win2k Banshee.inf file over top the old one. Install the drivers like normal and you should be up and running! (I have not tried this since I do not have Windows 2000 yet).
The INF file was not made by me, but has been altered by me (cosmetic changes to the INF file). You can get the original file, plus the INF file for a Voodoo 3 under Windows 2000 at

If you have a Diamond Monster Fusion, and have tried to get 3dfx's NT4 reference drivers to work, try my NT4 INF file for the Fusion.