sk8r boi

I have taken up skateboarding. My skateboard is a World Industries. Sorry, I don't know the deminsions on it, I'm still new at the whole skating scene. I have fallen on my ass only once in my first day. :)

rendition + linux
There has been a Rendition X Server released for X Windows.

fuck geocities

GeoCities decided that they were going to delete my page. I don't really know why, becuase I had nothing illegal on it. They didn't give me a warning or anything.

Dear Community Member,
Our guidelines have been carefully crafted to promote the free flowing exchange of ideas about your interests, activities, and hobbies, and at the same time maintain standards consistent with the Internet community and the societies of the world at large.
We appreciate your support and participation with GeoCities; however, your homepage was inconsistent with our current guidelines and has been removed from GeoCities.
You are welcome to establish a new homepage within GeoCities at any time, provided that it complies with our content guidelines. We urge you to review these guidelines carefully before you set up a new homepage.
We encourage you to review the guidelines at:
Thank you,
GeoCities Community Response Team

GeoCites, in a way, was starting to suck anyway. They had their advertisements all over my web page. They also charged money to allow users to make sub-directories in their account.

My NEW server is XOOM, which by the way, allows users to make sub directories on their account!
Please check out XOOM's site,

lol themes

I have made a Madonna - Ray of Light Theme, go to my Files section, which is also new!

(Theme Removed)

internet explorer 5

I have found out that a Preview Release of Internet Explorer 5.0 has been released. It seems stable, and looks better than IE4. Actually, it looks almost identical to IE4 except for the stupid "Internet Zone" thing on the status bar now takes up less room. This allows more room for real status to be displayed, like when you put the mouse over a link, it shows you on the status bar where it links to. I usually run at 640x480 res on my 14" monitor, as most people do, and with IE4 the status bar was covered with the useless "Internet Zone".