System Issues

This page is about miscellaneous system issues.

Every now and then, I have an issue with my system that really stumps me. After going through several pages of Google searches, I sometimes come up with a solution.

What follows are some of the issues with their solutions. Hopefully this page may be found by others who have had similar issues.

  • BioShock 1.1 Patch Crash
  • Dial-Up Error 720 (PPP)
  • Dot Net Framework 1.1 - 'Internal Error 2908'
  • DVD/CD Drive(s) not working!
  • Office 2003 SP install asks for CD.
  • Outlook 2003 - 'An OLE registration error occurred.'
  • Starforce Copy Protection
  • The 'Windows Time' service wont start!
  • Trillian wont open links in Firefox under Vista
  • Unable to Delete Some Files and Directories
  • Windows Setup and NX
  • Windows XP cannot connect to 2012 R2 file shares
  • “Could Not Connect to the System Event Notification Service” Error
  • Vista:

  • Disable 64-bit Signed Driver Requirement
  • Force Vista/Win7 to Rebuild Icons
  • Recover Disk Space!
  • Virtual Folders / Searches
  • Vista and Windows 7 Folder Types
  • Vista Performance Updates, August 2007
  • Why use Windows Vista?
  • Windows Anytime Upgrade
  • Windows Vista Gripes