Recover Disk Space!

Recover some disk space!

Control Panel -> Classic View -> Offline Files

Click “Disable Offline Files”

Offline files will cache and keep local copies of files you access over the network. This is done so that if you are disconnected from the network, you can still open files that you had open before. If you don’t feel this is something you need, then disable it.

Remove Hibernation file:

powercfg -h off

Even if you don’t use the hibernation feature of Vista, it seems to leave the hibernation file on your system. The size of the file is equal to your RAM. Have 2 gigs of RAM? Then you have a 2 gig hibernation file sitting there, doing nothing.

Run “Disk Cleanup”. Either click Start and type “cleanup” for the Search to locate it for you, or run the “cleanmgr.exe” command.

After running the cleaner, you should be able to select the Hibernation file for removal.