Windows Vista Gripes


- Classic Start Menu sometimes stops working for me. I click "Start", point to an item, and click. The Start Menu then closes, not running anything. Task Manager is required to log off or restart then, as the Log Off and Shut Down buttons on the Start Menu don't even work then.

- Refresh Rate locking like in Windows XP doesn't work. Windows Vista forces me to just 75Hz when I know my monitor can go higher.

- Event Viewer window doesn't scroll when you click on the scroll bar and drag it down. Vista has successfully reverted to Windows 3.1 behavior here.

I usually keep hidden and system files/folders always visible, so these two bother me:

- NTFS Junctions for backwards compatibility are all over the place. They clutter up folder views and Explorer gives an error dialog if you try to open one.

- The users' main documents folder went from a 'My Documents' layout to their profile directory, which contains a dozen files and folders. Do I really need to have a folder on my Desktop that lists multiple copies of my NTUSER.DAT file?

...more coming soon...