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Raspberry Pi

Current operating system: Raspbian

Base services: Nginx, MySQL, PHP

I recently saw someone say that they wanted a guide to setup WordPress on their Raspberry Pi. I had recently done this, and had written down all of the steps.

When looking at the steps, they were just basic commands that were no different than what I'd run on Debian or Ubuntu.

There is one important change I needed to make. MySQL performance was absolutely awful on the older RPi models. Lots out time-outs and generally sluggish performance. The solution was to switch from the default InnoDB to the older MyISAM.

To do that, edit the /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf file and add the following under "[mysqld]":

default-storage-engine = myisam

Restart the "mysql-server" service for the apply the change.

Step 1: Install web server.

Step 2: Install database server.

Step 3: Install WordPress.