programming madness!

"XdN Directions"

an update to a program i made *6 years ago* ...

XdN Directions

it sits in the tray and gives you quick access to address forms to look up something on Google Maps.

yeah, i *guess* you could just open a browser, then open a bookmark. but this program is for someone who may look up a lot of addresses.

the original program i made was because i worked with several people (mostly nurses) who needed to look up addresses a lot. i thought it was a pretty good idea to have a big shiny icon for them to go to get some forms for address entry.

this new program does what my old program did, and a bit more. it sits in the tray, out of the way, and will keep the address info filled in even if the "X" is hit to send it back to the tray.

its also easy to enter data. just double click the tray icon, start typing, and hit Enter for each field. focus is given to the first address box, and the Enter key takes you to the next one and so on, until at the last address box it then opens your web browser window and hides itself.

the permanent page link for the program will be:

my XdN Tweaker program has also been updated to, with some new tweaks for XP/2k3