Windows 98 Hangs / ESDI_506.PDR

Hey look, it's almost 2009, and here's a new Windows 98 SE page.

I was recently installing Windows 98 SE on an old system, a Pentium MMX 200 MHz w/ 96 Megs RAM.

After install, I enabled DMA on the CD-ROM and hard drive, restarted, and was greeted with a non bootable system.

I rebooted and enabled logging. The end of BootLog.txt was the system hanging on ESDI_506.PDR.

I could boot in Safe Mode, but DMA wasn't even visible to turn off.
Renaming ESDI_506.PDR allowed the system to boot, but surprise! That is the 32-bit disk driver. Performance took a hit, AND I still couldn't turn off DMA.

This thread reminded me of where to look for hard drive info in the registry:

- Remove the IDE devices from the registry (0000, 0001, and 0002 for me).
- Remove the IDE devices from Device Manager.
- Rename the ESDI_506.PDR file back.
- Reboot

Under construction, as I still don't have it fixed... :(