Site Updates

I've recently posted a few updates to my Windows and System Issues parts of my site.

The Windows section will contain more information on different Windows operating systems, and the System Issues section contains some problems I've come across that I've been able to successfully look up the solutions for.

updates and stuff

today i posted updated versions of a few files.

XdN Directions:

XdN Tweaker:

Both programs now come in an installer package. The package will extract and install the program, and update it if you have an older version already installed.

Both programs have also been tested under 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, XP and Vista.

Besides making sure the programs work under 64-bit Windows, I've also posted updated 64-bit TV card drivers for my STB TV PCI.

The drivers are based on generic BT8x8 TV card drivers, have been compiled with a 64-bit compiler, work under 64-bit XP and 64-bit Vista, and have had the INF file modified to work with the STB TV PCI card.

If you don't have an STB TV PCI card, you can still use the enclosed INF and SYS file to make it work with your BT8x8 TV card.

Catastrophic server failure!

on December 18th, my web site went down.

i checked my web host provider's web site, and found out that the server i was hosted on went down. not only did it go down, but its hard drive had failed. not only that, they didnt seem to have any backups that worked!

so, my site was down, and wasn't going to come back up until i restored a backup.

my most recent backup was from September 1st, 2006. so a LOT of stuff was lost. luckily, using Google and MSN's cache system, i was able to restore the front page stories. however, i need to restore most of the content that was linked to on the menus. around the end of September, i moved many of the files on my site into a MySQL database to make things easier to manage. well, that MySQL file was lost, and all i have are local backups of the files. so i have to go back and put them into the database again.

my web host did locate a backup from October 8th. that helped a lot, but some stuff was still lost.

i used the down time to upgrade my forum, wordpress, and multiple plugins.

my YouTube, and pages.

i've been using for a while now. its a great service that serves as an online bookmark system, and a way to share your bookmarks with others.

my page was here: (the service is now dead)

i've also been using YouTube for a while (as many other people are). i recently started moving some of the local copies of videos off of this site to YouTube. it will help me save space, bandwidth costs, and possibly get more people to view some of the stuff i've uploaded.

my YouTube page is here:

updated site layout

i went through and updated most of the pages on my site. i moved the pages from static files on my server to part of the MySQL database accessed through WordPress.

it should make it easier for me to update stuff, plus all menus should auto-update with any layout i go with. in fact, one of the most noticable changes is the new menu system on the left of the main page. it only shows 1 level deep in the virtual directory structure, but clicking any page link that has more pages linked under it should show a secondary menu.

the only side effect from this is the fact all the pages will have a current post date on them, instead of when they were really written. so the date may be off by 10 years on some articles!