MySpace... back in 2001?

Since Gmail started offering IMAP access, that has allowed me to link it to my other email accounts and dump all my messages going back to 1999 on their service (I've lost just about all my email from before 1999).

After dumping all my email to Gmail's servers, it's filters picked up some "new" messages that had "myspace.com" in their header. It seems like I got some messages from "MySpace.com" back in January 2001.

Apparently I joined MySpace around 7 years ago.

Well, while it was the site "myspace.com", it was an online file storage thing. Not the social site it is now.

My old myspace.com account was purged before the domain and site changed over.

The signature on the e-mails I got said this:

Thank you,
David R. Stansberry
Customer Support Manager, myspace.com

Access your files anytime, anywhere!

holy cow traffic

During the past few days, my site has been getting more and more popular because of the XdN Tweaker program I made.

During August alone, server logs show over 530,000 page hits, with over 52,000 downloads of XdN Tweaker.

Total bandwidth usage has been over 13 Gigs this month. I've had to pay twice now to increase the amount of bandwidth I'm allowed to use with my web hosting provider.

Google now shows that the term "xdn tweaker" shows up on over 200,000 pages. While searching Google, I found links to XdN Tweaker on sites like these:

FileForum / BetaNews
NT Compatible
Major Geeks

I've been receiving a ton of traffic from so many sites. A few days/weeks ago, in an attempt to get more feedback on the program, I submitted XdN Tweaker to Neowin. It made it to their Software news section, and the next thing I knew, XdN Tweaker was showing up all over the internet on different software websites.

A lot of the tweaks present in XdN Tweaker are things I use myself - many of them making Windows Vista more enjoyable to use. Hopefully the popularity of XdN Tweaker will bring that little bit of joy to other people as well.

I just hope I can afford the bandwidth bills to make sure its available for everyone. (Feel free to donate if it helps you!)

"Why use Gmail?"

Google has uploaded a video to YouTube showing off some of the features of Gmail, and why you should use it.

I've been using Gmail since mid 2004, and it's been awesome.


Keith Urban vs. Keith Urban

i just saw this on MSNBC.com

this is some of the article:

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Keith Urban, the country singer, has filed a lawsuit against Keith Urban, the painter from New Jersey, claiming the painter's Web site violates federal trademark laws.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court, says Keith D. Urban of Wayne, N.J., is using his keithurban.com domain in a deceptive manner and for commercial purposes.

The Web site includes the statement: '"You have reached the site of Keith Urban. To those who don't know, oil painting is one of my hobbies." It then directs viewers to a gallery of paintings and offers a limited edition of prints for sale.

Urban (whose Web address is keithurban.net) argues that the New Jersey man is misleading people into believing the Web site belongs to him and is selling merchandise as if it were produced or endorsed by him."

KeithUrban.com, the Painter's site, was registered back in May of 1999. before the Singer's site, and most likely before anyone knew who the Singer was. in fact, i NEVER heard of the singer Keith Urban until i read the story that he was suing someone that had the same name as him.

there have been other situations like this, such as when the Nissan car company sued someone who had been running a site with their family name, Nissan.