US Government warns against Internet Explorer

i just read that the US government has recommended that people just fucking stop using IE.

more info here:

i've been using Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix as my primary web browser now for over a year, and have never looked back. it does everything IE does, plus a metric fuck ton more - through built in features, extensions, and themes.

the current version of Firefox is 0.9.1, and you can get more info and download it from here:

internet explorer 5

I have found out that a Preview Release of Internet Explorer 5.0 has been released. It seems stable, and looks better than IE4. Actually, it looks almost identical to IE4 except for the stupid "Internet Zone" thing on the status bar now takes up less room. This allows more room for real status to be displayed, like when you put the mouse over a link, it shows you on the status bar where it links to. I usually run at 640x480 res on my 14" monitor, as most people do, and with IE4 the status bar was covered with the useless "Internet Zone".