bbs down

my bbs/webserver/telnet server/irc server will be down for a while. there was a big storm here, and the power went on and off over and over, basically giving the server hell.

PlanetWeb 3.0 Survey - all Dreamcast owners please take!

PlanetWeb is thinking about its 3.0 release. Since Sega says its done with the Dreamcast, and the only distributes of the old web browsers (Dreamcast Magazine) also gave up the business, they are thinking they need to charge for the 3.0 release.

The survey asks what you are looking for in the new browser, plus other info.. I said Broadband support and Java was the most important things, with Flash 4 and JavaScript improvements coming in after that.

I said I would be willing to pay $25+shipping, and wait till October for it.

Click HERE to take the survey. (Survey removed)

another cool thing

I just came across another cool thing on the net today. THIS makes your Windows desktop come alive with trippy colors/patterns/animations. It runs very smoothly on my system (Celeron 500), and it supposedly runs smoothly even on a Pentium 233 system.


Click HERE to live forever!

banshee link

for those looking for the latest hacked banshee drivers, be sure to check out here.