ThinkPad 560X

IBM ThinkPad 560X
Intel Pentium MMX @ 233 MHz

IBM listed the maximum RAM for this system as 96 Megs. This is because at the time it was made, 64 Meg EDO memory was the largest size available. Since its release, 128 Meg EDO memory came out.

Paired with the 32 Megs of RAM onboard, adding a 128 Meg stick will bring the total memory to 160 Megs.

Here is the RAM I used:
Dell Latitude
8038E, KTD-CP/128
(128MB 144 pin EDO SODIMM, 60ns)

With 160 Megs RAM installed:

XP install couldn't finish (display would go out). I had to drop back to 96 Megs to finish XP install.
Win98SE couldn't boot (froze with corrupted display).
DSL Linux had corrupted display.

Puppy Linux worked, and XP worked fine after the install was finished.

CF to IDE adapter I used:
~$18 shipped
"SYBA SY-IDE2CF-NB25 Ultra IDE to Compact Flash Adapter - Retail"

CF card I used:
~$32 shipped
(although I got mine for $28 shipped from Amazon:
"Patriot Signature 8 GB 266x CompactFlash Memory Card PSF8G266CF"

Something to note:

The ThinkPad 560X uses some non-standard IDE cable, and it has just 40 wires. This limits any drive to ATA/33 maximum.
It doesn't matter how fast your drive is, you will never get past ~33 MB/sec.

Original hard drive:
IBM, 4 Gigs, 4200 RPM, UDMA2

New drive:
Patriot, 8 Gigs, "266X" (40 MB/sec max reads), UDMA5 (limited to UDMA2 by the IDE connection)

HD Tach 2.70 numbers:

Random Access Times: 21.4 ms
Random Read Speed Average: 5.3 MB/sec

Random Access Times: 0.9 ms
Random Read Speed Average: 21.4 MB/sec

A little better, right?