Ten Years

Back in 1996, I set up my first web site.
It really sucked. I'm not sure if anything has changed.

I still don't know what to put on my site. :/

My site has probably been around longer than most other sites on the Internet.

The domain name, xenomorph.net, has only been controlled by me since 1999, but I've had various web sites online since mid 1996.

Since using local BBSes back in the mid 90s, I wanted to have my own online presence. I did get a BBS up and running, but I didn't like it tying up my phone line. When I found out that you could have your own web site though, I quickly jumped at the chance of having my own little corner of the web, up and running 24/7.

Through my web site, I've hosted various files, videos, music, flash animations, device drivers, wallpapers, and even Windows 9x themes.
My site has never had a purpose, except just to exist - just say I have one.

Of course, just existing somewhere isn't as special unless other people know you're there. I've had a guest book and message forum up for years, but they aren't used much.

For the most part, no one has a reason to come here. My MySpace page probably gets more random traffic, but that is only because it's connected to others' pages.