Their motto, "Once You Know, You Newegg" is pretty accurate. Once you experience Newegg, they will always be your first choice.

Several years ago, while looking for some new computer parts, I was referred to a site called Pricewatch. From there, I found a link to a highly rated company, Newegg.

I ordered from them, was offered free shipping, and within a day or two I had my computer stuff.

For many years now, I turn to Newegg first when I need a computer part. I've been referring friends and co-workers to them as well. I've never been disappointed with them.

Their site is fast, easy to use, and offers multiple pictures of the items for sale. They have a lot of user submitted reviews which help in deciding what product to get. And of course their prices are usually the cheapest around.

Why buy a video card from Best Buy or Wal-Mart for $199 when you can get something better from Newegg for just $99?

There is a common misconception that Newegg has something to do with the old company Egghead Software. After all, Egghead was a computer related business, and right after it goes away, Newegg springs up and offers many of the same services online that Egghead was boasting that it was going to do.

The truth is, the companies were formed at different times by different people, and the only thing they have in common is computers and the word "egg".

While you may find many people saying Newegg and Egghead are the same - do they have any real proof? Probably not.

There is information for quite the opposite of what they say though.


"First things first. is not in any way related to the former, which was purchased by several years ago.

The company’s name derives from a Chinese belief that a new egg symbolizes a new beginning, Tong said. It’s an appropriate name, considering was founded in 2001 just as the dust was settling from the first e-tailing boom and bust."

From Epinions:

"I too thought that was an heir to the company after the debacle of their database being hacked and several million credit card numbers stolen. I had seen differing reports as to whether or not this was true, so I emailed Newegg and asked. Their response was the below:

'Dear Jason,

You are not the first person to question the connection between our two companies. There is no connection between and the old EggHead Software. You wouldn't believe the volume of customers who write us emails declaring "EggHead is my favorite store!" or "I've been shopping with you since the old EggHead Software days." Huh? But seriously, there isn't any relation other than the fact that our names sound similar and may look so in writing, and that we both cater to computer users. It is evident though that they must have made some of their customers happy because they appear pleased to be shopping with them again, even though we must politely inform them that we are our own entity entirely.


William Lazaro'

This is a common misconception, as you can see."

There are other little facts that some people don't seem to notice:

- had been operating until late October 2001 (source).
- had already been registered and operating as a business by January 2001 (source).

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