Color Theory

This was some crazy thing I thought of one day back in the 1990s.
I know some people see colors differently. I've even seen colors differently. Between the age of 21-23, I seemed go partially color blind every now and then (I have no other way to explain it). When it happened, things usually appeared to me in shades of blue. Anything that was already blue was more intense in color, but reds and greens were more faded. I was told that it may have been a symptom of a (painless) migraine headache.

Have you ever thought - what if Color (as we know it) isn't real?

Think about it... When we see something that is the color RED, we know it is "red". When we see something that is the color BLUE, we know it is "blue".

But maybe what looks RED to you, might look BLUE to someone else.

But see, to them, they have always know what is blue to you, is really red to them.

You and the other person could look at colored square (lets say the color of the square is the common color of red). You would see it as one color, and the other person would see it as another color. But you would both call the color as what you knew it as. Since you both have grown up only knowing that color as being "Red", you would both call it red.

The way I see this as possible is because there is already so many variations in people. Some are short, some are tall, some have dark hair, some have light hair, etc...

There is already a bit of people that are known as "color blind". Some colors that most know as red or green may be seen to them as colors that we would know as pink or grey. So it is already known that not everyone sees colors the same.
Because there is so many variations in people - perhaps some people's brains "see" color spectrums differently. What we see as red, they might see as blue. But we would both call is what we have always been told what it was (so there is never any confusion, and most people would never find out about these "differences").

Anyway, I doubt that any of this can be proven correct, or proven incorrect. I will tell you this - it all makes a LOT more sense if you are stoned!

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