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In short, this is my personal home page, or blog.


A lot of the content on this site is old, out of date, irrelevant, etc. There will be a lot of 404 (Not Found) errors on older posts and pages. I try to update links as I come across them.

While generally most things on my site are suitable for open-minded people of all ages, some material contained on this web site, and some of the things that are linked to on my site, may not be.
Because some things may not be suitable for everyone, it is suggested that the minimal viewing age be 13 for my site.
There are some things contained on this site and linked to that are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Since there is actually some original content here, any form of duplication in whole or in part is forbidden without the prior written consent of me! (Does anyone pay attention to this type of disclaimer?)
I have started adding my site link to movie files and images now since I have found that some people have copied them already. Adding my link to media is also good for free advertising. :)

Just because my site link may appear on some images/movies/etc, it does not mean I am claiming ownership or copyright on such items. I only put my link/site name on stuff just to show where it came from (where it was hosted). I pay for the space and bandwidth I use, and provide people the opportunity to see and experience some of the same things I get to see and experience - at no cost to them (time is money, and if they find a lot of stuff on my web site instead of having to look all over the Internet, I have then saved some people time). I do not make money off other people's work.

Also - any service provider of mine is not responsible for the content of this site or its links! That means my web page provider, my ISP, (etc.) have nothing to do with what's on my page or what's linked to from my page. They can not be held responsible for anything on it.

Page Origins:

I started working on HTML around late '95, early '96. I've had a web site up regularly since 1996. I've always been facinated with web sites and the Internet in general: anyone can have their own presence for the world to see. Like having your own personal newspaper or TV show. You could be a writer or graphic artist with no previous experience, and you could let the world see your work for almost no cost.

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