Server 2008 R2 on PowerEdge SC1425

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I recently wanted to install Windows Server 2008 R2 on a Dell PowerEdge SC1425.

When I visited Dell's site, it didn't have Server 2008 R2 listed as a supported OS. I thought that was strange. I have another Dell server with half the power of the SC1425 and it has Server 2008 R2 listed as a supported OS.

I figured I'd try an install and see what would happen.

First issue, the server had just a CD-ROM.

I connected a DVD-ROM via USB and used that.

I booted the Server 2008 R2 disc, Setup loaded, and then promptly told me it could not see any hard drives.

I was using a SCSI RAID card, the Adaptec 39320.

Adaptec's page on the card is here:

I grabbed the "HostRAID" drivers here:

I put the drives on a floppy and attached a USB floppy drive to the system.

Another issue is that the onboard SATA controller is not supported with anything past Server 2003.
You have to enter the BIOS setup and change the SATA controller from RAID mode to ATA Mode.
That means you have to use software RAID in Server 2008/2008 R2 if you are using the onboard SATA connections.

The final issue is the Radeon 7000M video chipset. The Server 2008 R2 disc didn't seem to include drivers for that. I couldn't select higher than 800x600 resolution!
The XP/2003 x64 drivers are used for that. You can get them from Dell's site by clicking HERE.