DOOM 3 CD to DVD Conversion

My "Do It Yourself" DOOM 3 CDs to DVD Guide

Originally published August 8th, 2004


- You will need around 1.6 Gigs of free disk space to do this.

- Modification of Microsoft Installer files (MSI) requires a program such as "Orca" or something similar.
Orca is part of the Windows Installer SDK.

If you install the Microsoft Platform SDK, you can get Orca. The full SDK is available from here:

As of when I wrote this, the Orca installer can be found by downloading these archives:

Inside those archives is the file "" (split between parts 11 and 12).
Inside that archive is a file called "Orca_Msi.FD66E721_5AA0_41BC_AA26_1EC8F7FA1175" - extract that someplace and rename it "Orca.msi" to allow you to install Orca by running the MSI file!


- Create a folder called "DOOM3_DVD" on your hard drive.

- Copy all files from CD1 to this folder.

- Copy all .PK4 files from the "\Setup\Data\base" Folders from CD2 & CD3 to the "DOOM3_DVD\Setup\Data\base" folder on your hard drive (do NOT copy any other files from CD2 or CD3).

- OPTIONAL: Replace the Doom3.exe located in "\Setup\Data" with a pre-patched NO CD version. This might actually be required since the game wont detect your original game CDs, and you'll have to patch it anyway. Copying it to the DVD makes things easier later on when you go to play the game.

- Open "Doom 3.msi" with Orca. On the left side of the program, scroll down and click on the "Media" selection. Change "DiskPrompt" and "VolumeLabel" for each disk to "DOOM3_DVD" (this is what you will be labeling your DVD). Save and close Orca.

- OPTIONAL: Want to be able to install DOOM 3 in something other than Windows 2000 or XP? Open the "Doom 3.msi" file with Orca again. Scroll down to "LaunchCondition" on the left side of the screen. Right-click on "LaunchCondition" and select "Drop Table." Click "Yes" on the confirmation dialog. Save and close Orca.

- Burn all files to a DVD using your favorite burning program. Make sure to label the disc "DOOM3_DVD" (without quotes).