Legacy Files

This page is for listing files, fixes, and general info on older hardware and software I've used.

I have some ancient systems that don't run the latest software. On these systems, Windows 98 SE is still the OS of choice.

Files I've used under Windows 98 SE:

win98_activex_fix.zip (438K) ActiveX install fix. KB912812 update in April of 2006 disabled ActiveX installs under Windows 98. Things like Office Update, Macromedia Flash, and Microsoft Gaming Zone use ActiveX to install.

ie6fix.zip (383K) Fix for Windows/Explorer hangs when moving/deleting a larger number of files (such as emptying the Recycle Bin).

ie6fix_files.zip (408K) The same IE6 Explorer fix as above, but packaged differently.

Native USB Support Native support for many USB devices (such as thumb drives) under Windows 98SE.

ps2_mouse.zip (13K) PS/2 mouse drivers. 3 button support and higher refresh (smoother movement).

Process Explorer 11.11, Autoruns 9.13, - last versions to run under Windows 9x (98SE and Me).


AXCEL216 / MDGx MAX Speeed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets/

MSFN Windows 9x Forum

Unofficial Win98SE Service Pack

Custom Windows 2000 Boot Logos

256 Color Tray Icons in Win9x/2k (along with lots of other stuff)