These are all OLD files and drivers!

Chances are, there are better, much newer drivers available for whatever hardware you have.

Some of these drivers are my "hacked" drivers. Some are other people's "hacked" drivers. Some are just slightly modified from their original form. Use all at your own risk of course, as me or any other "creator" of such driver sets take no responsibility for any damage these drivers may cause to you, your work, or your computer. My style of drivers usually can't be found anywhere else, unless someone copied me!

(Seriously though, these drivers should be as safe as original drivers.)


Note: For all your video driver needs, ATI, NVidia, 3dfx, etc - please check out Guru3D. They have a lot more files than what you could ever find here (including Voodoo Banshee files and drivers).

3dfx Voodoo Banshee (Monster Fusion, etc)

I recommend this site: for Voodoo Banshee drivers. The Voodoo Banshee drivers on that site are for Win9x/2000/XP, and are from May of 2004.

Other Voodoo Banshee sites:

You can try here:
or at Guru3D for other Voodoo Banshee driver needs.

I don't really offer support for any video card right now. However, feel free to e-mail me about anything GeForce 2/3, TNT2, Voodoo 3, Banshee, or Rendition 2x00 related.


Be sure to check out the 3D Sound Surge Forum for latest information regarding most sound chips and cards.

CMedia Sound Chips

For Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and .NET (WDM):

For Windows 95/98/98SE/ME (VXD):


  • EAXer Beta 1 (88 K)
    This adds EAX/reverb control to VXD drivers, which is normally part of the Mixer included with the WDM drivers.


  • The WDM drivers will work in Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003.
  • The VXD drivers will work in Windows 98 and 98SE, and Windows ME. They should work in Windows 95 too.
  • I have never used the 8338 drivers.
  • I have only used the 8330 drivers in Windows XP.
  • I personally only have the 8738 and 9738 sound cards. I have used those in Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and DOS.
  • CMedia's web site is here:
  • CMedia's FTP site is here:

TV Cards:

Brooktree 848/878:

  • HERE is a good site for WDM drivers. (Highly Recommended)

My Drivers:

  • WDM (108 K) - Updated July 15th, 2007.
    These are 64-bit drivers for the STB TV PCI. I have used these under Windows XP x64-bit Edition and 64-bit Windows Vista.
  • WDM (98 K) - Updated May 11th, 2004.
    I've used these drivers with my STB TV PCI under Windows XP and Vista

With DScaler, I use these settings for my STB TV PCI:
Card: STB
Tuner: Temic 4032 FY5 (NTSC)

Under Linux, my bttv settings are these:
bttv card=3
tuner type=6
(STB card, Temic NTSC tuner)

To get the card working easily under Ubuntu, edit this file:


And add this line at the bottom of that file:

options bttv card=3 tuner=6

Save and reboot.

Under Windows Vista, I recommend "ChrisTV" program for TV viewing.

Under Windows XP, I recommend the "DScaler" program for TV viewing (I use version 4.1.7. I've had issues with newer versions). It small, full of features, and just works great. I had two minor issues with my TV card and this program though.

The first issue was that sometimes when I had a weak TV signal, DScaler kept switching from NTSC to PAL, making the picture lose sync. To fix that, I disabled Auto Format Detection. I unchecked "Auto Format Detect"
under "Field Timing Settings" under Settings -> Advanced Settings.

The second issue was the picture would slowly get brighter and brighter over time, eventually making the whole picture look washed out. To fix that, I had to disable AGC Crush. I unchecked "Crush" under
"BT8x8 Advanced" under Settings -> Advanced Settings.


PS/2 Mice

  • Win9x: (31 K)
    These are PS/2 mouse drivers for Windows 95/98/98SE, with a higher refresh rate than the normal mouse drivers (it makes the mouse cursor move a lot smoother). They also support 3 button mice.

    They are from 1997, but have worked fine for me in Windows 98 and ME. However, if you have a 3 button mouse, Windows ME will assign the 3rd mouse button to act as a "Back" button in Windows Explorer/Internet Explorer, instead of an auto-scroll button.

    Basically, I'd only recommend this mouse driver for Windows 95/98. The biggest feature of them is probably that they set the PS/2 rate almost as high and smooth as USB without having to run any extra programs.