XdN Directions

This program sits in your system tray and gives you easy access to look up maps and directions on Google Maps.

Click HERE to download XdN Directions!

Current Version: v0.0.2.3

Zip File

Size: 194 KB, September 17th, 2007 - Windows XP or higher recommended.
(98/98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista. 32-bit and 64-bit.)

If you are not running Vista, then make sure you have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Version history:
September 17th, 2007
- updated icons
- update font
September 9th, 2007
- updated 256x256 Vista icon
- updated License and ReadMe
August 21st, 2007
- slight gui updates: made program window slightly smaller,
moved some text to About page, updated fonts (Segoe UI)
- added option to not display the Balloon on startup:
just add " -noballoon" (without quotes) at the end of the
command on the shortcut.
July 26th, 2007

- increased program size
- added support for larger 120 dpi fonts
July 24th, 2007

- attempting to run a second instance of the program will now
open the directions window and bring it to the front
July 24th, 2007

- slightly updated About dialog
July 15th, 2007

- slightly change window size (shorter and wider)
- fixed Exception error when changing colors/themes under Vista
July 7th, 2007

- added balloon text on start, making it easier to notice the
tray icon.
July 4th, 2007

- changed text on city/state/zip text box stating that each item
could be used by itself
- changed it so only text is required in the city/state/zip box,
making it so you can search for directions between zip codes,
cities, or states without an address
- updated Note text on program accordingly
July 4th, 2007

- corrected tab order and made it so Tab is used to move through
address fields only
- added Donation link to About dialog
July 4th, 2007

- updated About dialog (size and text)
- main window and About dialog can be hidden with the Escape key
- cleaned up / improved interface
- larger text boxes for addresses
- slightly different icon
July 4th, 2007

- when the main window opens, it is brought to the front and focus
is put in the first address field.
- the Enter key will now move through the address fields and also
activate the web browser on the last field.
- the close button ("X") will simply hide the window, leaving data
in the address fields.
- new icon from Iconaholic.com
- closing or hiding the main window also closes the About window
- version number added to main window
- other minor code and gui updates/changes
July 3rd, 2007:

- re-write with VB.net 2005
- interface started from scratch
- added this ReadMe
- program starts as Tray icon
- uses Google Maps now
- when address is entered, the program auto-hides, but
remember the address entered

VB6 versions:

February 9th, 2003

- added minimize button
- removed my company branding

October 14th, 2001

- just messing with VB6
- support for just Yahoo maps
- internal version made for my company