PHP Programming

I'm still working on this section. This may be home to the mess of crummy PHP scripts/apps/whatever I have written or plan to write soon.

These files are provided AS IS. I can't offer support for these. I suck at documentation, so you're pretty much on your own. I'm honestly not very good at PHP, so don't expect the code to be written very well.

It's expected that you have at least some knowledge in PHP and maybe MySQL in order to install and set up these scripts. You should also have some past experience working with other peoples' scripts.

Under Construction

October 27th, 2002: XdN Guest Book (Beta!)

October 16th, 2002: XdN Guest Book (Beta!)

This is some simple guest book software. Still in early stages, but it works. It lists all records on one page, so it can get pretty clumsy if you have a TON of entries.

October 17th, 2002:
XdN Ad Banner Rotation (Pre-Beta!)

This is some ad banner rotation script I was making for my site. Very simple. I haven't done much work with it.

December 14th, 2002:
XdN Page Counter (Alpha!)

October 24th, 2002:
XdN Page Counter (Alpha!)

This is a page counter script I have been playing with on and off for a few months. You just include() the file somewhere, and a sub directory is made with a counter file sharing the name of the page you just included the script from.

This script is in VERY early development.