Concord / ZTE V768

T-Mobile Concord / ZTE V768

This device was a joke.

Manufacture date: July 2013
OS: Android 2.3.7
Internal storage: 512 MB.

With the stock ROM flashed, this gave you about 145 MB of storage space.
After updating the stock apps (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) you only have 30 MB of usable space. Good luck trying to load your favorite apps. Rooting and doing an Apps2SD setup is probably the only option you have for this device.

I guess the positive things about this is that it only costs $50 (brand-new), comes with a nearly-stock version of Android (no real bloat), and it is rootable.

The original root instructions I used came from here:

It didn't work perfectly for me, but slight variations made it work well.

I've mirrored the superuser/root update here: (~225 KB)

* download and move to root of SD card.
* boot to recovery (power off, hold Volume Down + Power, then hit Home button).
* install from SD card.
* reboot

Once the device loads back up, go to the Google Play store and download SuperSU (

Run SuperSU, go to Settings, scroll to the bottom, and select "Install SuperSU into /system". This will make the root permanent, and survive wiping/erasing the device.