Galaxy S II / SGH-T989

Samsung Galaxy S II / SGH-T989

To unlock the device, you need to be using the UVLE1 radio. This is used with an Android 4.0 ROM.

The Android 4.0 ROM I used was called "TechNiqCality" (do a search for "").

I first found the information on XDA:

Once you unlock with UVLE1 / Android 4.0, you can then flash anything else (the current CyanogenMod, stock Samsung 4.1.2, etc). The unlock should remain permanent.

TWRP Recoveries:
(flashable via CWM or TWRP)

2014/03/07: (8,607,783 bytes)

CWM Recoveries:
(flashable via CWM or TWRP) (7,960,922 bytes)

Custom Binary Download counter reset:
(flashable via CWM or TWRP) (181,291 bytes)

SGH-T989 Radios
(flashable via CWM or TWRP)

UVLE1 (Android 4.0) (20,704,600 bytes)

UVMC6 (Android 4.1+) (20,825,694 bytes)