Nook Color

Long story short, Barnes & Noble released a simple e-reader that turned out to be a full-fledged tablet computer that can run the various versions of Android (2.x and 4.x).

It turns out that I spent over two years waiting for it to become the amazing tablet I heard it hyped out to be.

* Abandoned by Barnes & Noble at Android 2.x.

* CM7 builds abandoned by CyanogenMod.

* CM10 builds are painfully slow.

Old page:

XDA Nook Color Forum

Default Nook Color voltages:
300 MHz @ 1.0v
600 MHz @ 1.1625v
800 MHz @ 1.3v
1100 MHz @ 1.35v
1200 MHz @ 1.375v

These are the lowest voltages I used without any crashing:

300 MHz @ 0.8125v
600 MHz @ 0.95v
800 MHz @ 1.075v
1100 MHz @ 1.225v
1200 MHz @ 1.3v

I ran StabilityTest and Quandrant Standard to stress test CPU after lowering the voltage.

To feel a little safer, after finding your lowest stable voltage, you could give each setting a slight bump, such as this:

300 MHz @ 0.825v
600 MHz @ 0.9625v
800 MHz @ 1.0875v
1100 MHz @ 1.2375v
1200 MHz @ 1.3125v