XdN Shooter mini

I just finished putting together a game in PICO-8.

Well, the game's not finished, yet, but it is in a "good enough" state that I feel that I can share it. It plays a bit like Space Invaders or Galaga.
I drew the graphics and created most of the sounds. The music is converted from other video games and may be familiar to some.


You can play it online (in your browser) or you can download it to play on PICO-8 or using the fake08 core in RetroArch on actual game hardware. My wife and I have been playing it on the RG35XX handheld.

Lexaloffle BBS link and cartridge download: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=134337

Locally hosted version: https://xenomorph.net/games/shooter/