KWorld PlusTV HD PCI 120

Product page at KWorld:

Driver installation issue under Windows XP:

Note: The driver installation was a little tricky. If you let Windows auto-detect and install drivers, it tries to load some generic Conexant 2388x drivers, which don’t work.

The drivers on the CD and from the KWorld website include a Setup.exe file that tries to install the drivers for you – which for me resulted in a half-KWorld, half-Microsoft driver installation which did not work at all either.

The fix:

– Delete %WinDir%\INF\OEM*.*
– Remove all reference to the generic Conexant 2388x and the PCI ATSC Hybrid drivers from “Sound, video, and game controllers”
– Reboot.
– Windows should re-detect the hardware. Have it browse to the Drivers\x86 or Drivers\x64 folder to have it install the drivers from there.
– *Don’t* let Windows try to check the Internet for drivers, and don’t use the driver installation/Setup from the KWorld CD or download.


The card is supposedly a clone of the “Geniatech HDTV Thriller X8000A”

Other info on the hardware, from

* Xceive XC3028 (tuner & analog IF demodulator)
* Samsung S5H1409 / Conexant CX24227 (digital demodulator)
* Conexant cx2388x (A/V Decoder & PCI bridge)

One thing to note, it is NOT like the KWorld PlusTV HD PCI 110 or 115. Totally different hardware, chipsets, and design.

List of TV viewing software I’ve tried:

What I could NOT get working:
* DScaler (4.1.15 and 4.1.16) – Couldn’t detect card. Sometimes got a picture, but couldn’t tune other channels or get sound.

* ChrisTV Lite (5.10) – I can get a picture only when I enable Teletext. Overlay doesn’t seem to want to work.

* GB-PVR (1.1.5) – Instead of supporting standard BDA, it makes you choose from a pre-made list of cards. Even when I picked a compatible or similar card, it wouldn’t work.

* MediaPortal ( – It detects the card using standard BDA, but fails to initialize the card.

What I DID get working:


* WatchHDTV (1.960 – Free) – It didn’t try to detect the card, it just let me select the BDA system drivers for the card. I used FFDShow for audio decoding, and NVidia PureVideo for video decoding. FFDShow for sound post-processing allows me to kick the low-volume up to 300%, and the PureVideo decoder uses my video card’s hardware to allow my system to decode 1920×1080 HD video while only using ~5% of my 2GHz Dual Core CPU.

WatchHDTV is free and works like ChrisTV – but for HDTV Cards. It has simple “video in a window” mode, full screen mode, and time shifting support.

* Easy HDTV (1.2.0, $20 Commercial, Formerly “Enigmavision HDTV”). Very professional program. Easy selection of tuner and decoders and nice channel auto detection. However, it lacks a few features of WatchHDTV that I use:
– Doesn’t default to “overscan” (which removes the ugly edges of video)
– No shortcut key to change aspect quickly (“N” key in WatchHDTV)
– No “always on top” or TV window-only view.
– Doesn’t auto-size the window on re-sizing to keep the correct window aspect.


* TheFlyDS (2.0 Beta – Costs $$$) – Seemed to work right away with the analog tuner.

* ChrisTV Professional (5.01 and 5.10 – Costs $$$) – I finally got this to work with the card!

– Go with a clean install of ChrisTV. When it wants to scan for channels – DON’T!
Enter the channels in manually (by frequency). After you have the channels entered, save and close.
– Re-open. You should have a picture now. Now you can disable overlay, enable advanced rendering, and enable VMR9. Close and re-open again.
– Make sure you have it set to work with FFDShow for deinterlacing.

Under Windows XP:

WatchHDTV + NVidia PureVideo Decoder + FFDShow Audio = Near Perfect

Under Windows Vista:

WatchHDTV 1.960 doesn’t work right for me (only tunes Subchannels).
NVidia PureVideo does NOT have hardware acceleration either.
FFDShow Video Decoding makes things unwatchable.

When using Vista, I’d fall back to analog, so I would load ChrisTV up.
ChrisTV works a bit better under Vista than XP for me (quicker channel changing).
Sound on the analog tuner (XP or Vista) sometimes has “crackling” noise.

The WatchHDTV 2.0 beta works better than 1.960, but lacks many features that made WatchHDTV 1.960 so great, such as quick aspect ratio switching, always on top, and a quick mute button.