Monthly Archive: November 2006

my YouTube, and pages.

i’ve been using for a while now. its a great service that serves as an online bookmark system, and a way to share your bookmarks with others. my page is here: i’ve also been using YouTube for a while (as many other people are). i recently started moving some of the local copies of videos off of this site to YouTube. it will help me save space, bandwidth costs, and possibly get more people to view some of the stuff i’ve uploaded. my YouTube page is here:

robbery update

a few days ago, i posted about a robbery i was the victim of. after taking all my money and cell phone, the robbers used my cell phone to rob a neighboring pizza store. as per the police request, i left my cell phone on for a week after the robbery. my cell phone company recorded all of the calls they made, and using reverse lookup, several addresses were found of the places that were called. using this information, the police made an arrest. i’m still waiting to hear from a detective if there is anything more i need to...

Elite Beat Agents

a new game for Nintendo DS just came out. it’s called “Elite Beat Agents”. it’s kinda like a sequel the Japanese game “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan”. it’s basically a music/rhythm game set to crazy stories and famous songs. IGN’s EBA page Nintendo’s EBA page Official Elite Beat Agents Site ( Wikipedia’s EBA page