Epic Story – Gerbils

This is just a silly little set of pictures (and certainly not “epic” in any way).

I use to have a young gerbil that was quite… “fond” of an older gerbil I had. One day I decided to take some pictures of what was going on in their cage.

“The Life of a Gerbil”

Here we see the half-decade old female. She is looking for some food…


She suddenly stands up… She has heard something that has caught her interest…


She looks up, perhaps looking forward to the “big hand” she has seen so many times
before that would drop food on her happy little head.


While still looking for the “big hand,” another gerbil seems to materialize out of nowhere. He has the female in his sight…


And he strikes!!! She tries to run but is no match for the speedy little guy that is barely 1/5th her age!!


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My gerbils

Extras and special thanks to:
Big box of gerbil food
Caller ID wrapped in phone cord

Special appearance by:
metal hard drive mounting piece.

Off camera appearance by:

cardboard box

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