Changing subsystem ID for ipw2200/2915 cards


The steps described here could result in damaging your card, loosing warranty, breaking FCC regulations, or whatever. This is at your risk.

What we are going to do

Some evil laptop manufactors place a check in BIOS that only ipw cards with their sticker would work. But, their sticker seems to be very costly. It seems the only difference between the intel(R) card and their card is the PCI Subsystem ID. This is stored in the card's EEPROM, and we're going change that.

Stuff you need

The steps

What to do next

Give your notebook manufacturer a call and demand disabling the whitelist. If they won't, stop buying anything from them. This hack may solve this for now, but what about non-Intel cards or future Intel cards? And if they start with miniPCI, this could extend to anything other. We should be allowed to do what we want with our laptops


I'd like to thank people who made this possible, by borrowing a miniPCI to PCI adaptor, support, and technical information. -- Martin 'Druid' Stachon