Random Phone Call, 2003

This is from some time in 2003:

them: “hello, blah blah blah. i’d like to ask you a few questions, blah blah blah. for quality purposes this call my be recorded or monitored. blah blah blah. did you know you could make long distance calls for just $0.02 a minute with SBC?”

me: “so i dont get a choice in whether or not i am recorded?

them “sir?”

me: “you just said this call may be recorded or monitored, and you didnt give me the choice if i wanted that or not”

them: “well, we dont even get a choice in that, i just have to say that. i can tell you right now though that no one is monitoring the call.”

me: “but they’re still recording it, right?”

them: “i guess so”

me: “can i get a copy of that recording?”

them: “i dont have the details on how the recording process works, so i dont know how to get a copy of anything.”

me: “is it possible for me to get an older recording of a conversation i had with your company the last few times you called and asked me to use your long distance service?”

them: “like i said sir, i dont know how the recording process works, i have no control over that…. sir, im just trying to save you some money with our long distance service, if you dont want our service, then i cant help you.”

me: “do you offer other services?”

them: “what do you mean?”

me: “what if i want to order some sort of Health coverage from you. can you help me with that?”

them: “oh sure, SBC, a phone company, is going to offer health services” (sarcastic voice)

me: “well, you never know.”

them: “sir, have a good day”