Random Phone Call, 2001

This is from October 5th, 2001:

i was playing some UT, and my phone rings..

someone says theyre from blah blah blah, and theyre taking a survey, and not trying to sell anything.

my reply “your company would probably make more money if you tried selling people things.”

her reply “well people are more likely to hang up if we say we’re trying to sell them something.”

anyway, the questions were all media related.

her: “do you own a video casset recorder?”
me: “does betamax count?”
her: “it just says video casset recorder, it doesnt specify what kind”
me: “well, im not sure they had betamax in mind when they came up with the survey. so does that really count if i say i have a beta? what about DVD, does that count?”
her: “sir, it just asks if you have a video cassest recorder”


her: “have you heard about the new medium of discs that can hold movies?”
me: “are those the small shiny record things?”
her: >laughing< "yeah, i guess so." me: "you mean DVD then?" her: "yeah" me: "no, never heard of it." .. her: "have you seen or heard of any of the following movies?" she names a move me: "ive heard of it" she names another movie me: "ive heard of it" she names an older movie me: "ive heard of it" she names "Star Wars, Episode One: The Phantom Menace" me: "nope. cant recall ever hearing about a star wars movie" .. she is like "have you seen any of the following movies in the theater in the past 6 months?" she names one movie me: "nope" she names another movie me: "nope" she names "Monsters, Inc." (that upcoming Disney CGI movie) me: "huh? that movie hasnt even come out yet, how would i of seen it?" her: "i dont know, its just listed on my screen." me: "is that a trick question? how many people have answered Yes so far? do you know when its supposed to come out?" her: "i cant say what others answered and it comes out on November XXth" me: "oh. well. yeah, i did see it, i just remembered. her: "sir, i know you didnt see it." me: "well you are asking people if they saw the movie, and im saying i did" ... basically she was on the phone with me asking me a SHITLOAD of questions.. most of the time i wasnt paying attention (i was playing CTF in UT)..... she would ask me something, i would reply, and she would be like "sir, that wasnt one of the answers." basically the call ended with me trying to flirt with her (asking what movies SHE liked, her age, etc) - and then her calling me immature and getting all pissy because i wouldnt answer with straight answers.. :)