My Car

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All this information is old, out of date, etc. I sold the car at around 150,000 miles.

This is the forth car I’ve owned. My first was a 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier that I purchased used in 1997. It lasted me to about 2001. My second car was a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity that I paid a guy in a salvage yard $300 for. My third was a Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Convertable, also purchased used. I also use to drive my sister’s old 1986 Dodge Charger, and my dad’s 199x Buick LeSabre.

2002 Kia Rio, purchased new in Oct 2002.
Light Silver

Engine: 96-hp DOHC 16v 1.5-liter inline-4 “MI-Tech”
Miles Per Gallon: 25 City / 30 Highway
Air, Automatic, AM/FM CD-Player, Tachometer
Cost: ~$9,000

Miles: 13,xxx (Jul 03)
Miles: 14,xxx (Aug 03)
Miles: 15,xxx (Sep 03)
Miles: 16,xxx (Oct 03)
Miles: 18,xxx (Nov 03)
Miles: 22,xxx (Dec 03)
Miles: 24,xxx (Jan 04)
Miles: 28,xxx (Mar 04)
Miles: 29,xxx (Apr 04)
Miles: 32,xxx (Jun 04)
Miles: 34,xxx (Jul 04)
Miles: 41,xxx (Oct 04)
Miles: 46,xxx (Jan 05)
Miles: 72,xxx (Jan 06)
Miles: 85,xxx (Jul 06)
Miles: 100,xxx (Mar 07)

Miles: 104,xxx (Jun 07)

Issues I’ve had with the car:

The car seems slightly underpowered. It performs about the same as my 1991 Cavalier performed, but weaker than my 1987 Celebrity. Nothing I can really do about that, it has a tiny engine.

The steering wheel seems to get way off-center if the either one of the front tires are inflated differently or have slightly different tread height. When delivering pizzas, I’d knock the alignment out a lot and wear the tires down unevenly, so I’d spend most of my time driving with my steering wheel turned 45 degrees to the left or right in order to go straight.

The camber of the front passenger wheel seems to be slightly off, which may have been caused from hitting something I shouldn’t have.

This is what my car looks like:

Since this is the first car I’ve had where I better understand how it works, I eventually would like to learn how to make small modifications to it (air intake, etc). With my other cars, I treated them like they were someone else’s. They were used, after all, so I never really bothered to get to “know” the vehicles.

Things I’ve worked on in the car:

  • Replaced Rotors
  • Replaced Brake Pads (Ceramic)
  • Took apart, re-lubed, and re-assembled the calipers.
  • Replaced heating/cooling blower fan.
  • Replaced faulty/damaged wires.
  • Repaired faulty cigarette lighter plug.
  • Added wiring for a second, “always on”, cigarette lighter plug.
  • Refilled the air conditioner’s R134.
  • Replaced spark plugs.
  • Replaced rust-damaged metal clasps on the exhaust.

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  1. I can help you put a spoiler on it, as well as the lights. All are easy. Infact, I have
    an extra switch laying around that looks like a missile launch switch, that you could put on
    your dash, or next to your shifter for effect to control the lights.

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