Browzar is a program that uses Internet Explorer to browse. It tries to clean up the browzing history as you use it, and it tries to delete cookies when you close it.

It’s been on several news sites because of its claim that it hides what you do online. It doesn’t properly clean up after itself, so that claim is disputed.

It also uses its own custom search engine for your queries. The company makes money off that, and so some have claimed the browser is adware – even when it doesn’t install any other software.

Some complaints about the “browser” are that you can’t change the home page or use the search engine you want.

I put up this page to show off that you can, in fact, edit Browzar to some extent.

I have altered a copy of Browzar to use Google as the search engine, and eithet my site, or Google’s as the start page.

You can download a modified version of Browzar Black here:

Browzar’s web site: