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Some suggestions
« on: Mar 18, 2011, 05:55 »
Hmm, xDn Tweaker is great software have been using it every instal for very long time. Only problem ever has been the icon arrows, but disregarding that very good.

* I would however like to see IPv6, Tunnel protocol + IPv6 service true disable to 'TCPIPv6'-service parameters, disable through NETSH or MMC gpedit on xDn Tweaker and while at it, if building through netsh wouldn't mind switches for 'TCP Interface' Heuristic, Security and globals switches. Would be extremely easy to build to simply execute command and this would change a lot in networking and even performance sense.

* Speed-up networking: I think also that Firewall, if there is an 3rd party solution as usual or even very good """hardware"""(rarely anyone owns a decent cisco ;P, but) router/modem firewall all the services explicitly to firewall functionality could be disabled by 1 click. There's at least 5 services and few entries that this needs to fully work with out security flaws, but general system usage could be greatly improved in speed.

* Also would be nice to get user based tweak for Windows Media Player sharing disable by it's parameters on HKCU HME parameters to 'DisableDiscovery=DWORD:2' or through MMC gpedit.

* As for Security: would be ideal to disable 'File Last access times' on 'fsutil' or from registry as basically, if this function is enabled and an corporate or even singular user has an advanced system cryption scenario with keys resident on USB OR at HD or any other form of data the keys would expose them self very easily.

* As an 'odd request' perhaps, but would make a lot of sense to add on program first start an question about 'account policy' at 'Security Policy' of account type. Question the user does he/she wish to enable the true admin account (which goes true the UAC even deeper).

but well here's just few ideas to expand xDn Tweaker to good direction I think.